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Whitney is a girl's girl . . . and a guy's girl. Mostly because she is a fan of love. She is a fan of the underdog. She laughs with her mouth wide open…loudly. And the laugh is from deep within her belly. She loves ice cream with sprinkles and could eat cereal with every meal.

On a sunny day, she would be near the ocean, reading a heavy book that rested on her tummy. On a rainy day, she would be snuggled up in her cozy, California king bed with her three puppies spilled out onto her pillows. She listens to music when she needs to be inspired. John Mayer and Amos Lee never disappoint.

She finds calm and love in her husband's nook. She is inspired by people who love without ceasing. People who have no fear in anything they do. Generosity is a turn on for her. She loves sun on her face, fancy jewelry and the first five minutes of wearing a pretty pair of shoes. She craves dessert after a good meal. Her heart is warmed by the sound her son's laugh.

Her favorite time of day is in the morning, on the drive to her son’s school. It is in that space she learns about his loves and worries and his dreams. If she had the courage to get a tattoo it would read, “Love is the solution in which all fear dissolves.”

She has a guardian angel. His name is Mike. You might know him as her father. She is inspired by unconditional love, which she learned from him. That love seems to come easiest for animals.

She wakes each morning with intent and purpose and a plan to be happy. She believes in karma. And she works hard to put good out into the universe.