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We're into jokes, we're into laughing - A LOT. We want your session to be all about fun.  When you leave, we want you to feel more beautiful than you have ever felt.  If you've had THE BEST TIME EVER, mission accomplished.  

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Spending time with my seniors every year is the very most fun thing I do.  I am so thankful for every single second.  

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Outfits, location, and all of your wildest dreams.  Your shoot is all about the details and we will communicate about that thoroughly beforehand.  Careful planning results in the most gorgeous of images!   

it's all in the details


We book around 2 months in advance of your session.  Take into consideration your yearbook deadlines and when you need your images in your hands - back up two months from there and shoot us an e-mail to book. 

when to book 


We love chatting with our clients and will gladly talk over the phone in advance of the session.  Because we are often shooting on set and are busy holding a camera, e-mail is often the best way to set up a phone call or ask questions.  So, shoot us an e-mail to set up your session OR to set up a phone conference.  We can't wait to hear from you! 

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class of 2019

My senior session was the best memory of my senior year.  Whitney worked with me to make sure we were planning the exact look I wanted and I was blown away by my senior pics.  They were more than I could ever have dreamed of! 


class of 2018

I am so glad that I chose Whitney to do my senior portraits!  The experience was one that I will never forget and I love my images so so much!


class of 2019

I had a blast with Whitney and I am so glad that I chose her for my senior pictures.  These are some of my favorite memories of my senior year.  


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We want you to know every detail of your investment with us, so we have made a guidebook with all the information you could ever want.  Please submit a contact form and we will e-mail you back with more detailed information. 


Getting your hair and makeup done before our shoot is one of the best ways to avoid stress and look your best for our session.  Our guidebook has a list of many amazing pros in our area so that you can book someone for your shoot.  

hair and makeup